Robot Geishas Mousepad

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Size: 4XL
Size Chart
Name- Size-
1XL Mousepad  800mm x 300mm (31"x12" inch)
2XL Mousepad 800mm x 400mm (31"x16" inch)
3XL Mousepad 900mm x 400mm (35"x16" inch)
4XL Mousepad 1000mm x 500mm (39"x20" inch)
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About the features

Although PigModding is all about the latest mousepad technology, we're also committed to ensuring you don't need a degree in gaming to get the most out of your purchase.

Using a mousepad for gaming or ergonomics, our mousepads are the perfect fit for every desk.

Immersive Printing

Our mousepads have pixel perfect quality and vibrant colours, capturing every detail to produce a truly immersive print.

Supreme Motion

Silky smooth micro-woven surface on our gaming mousepads ensure effortless movements with pro track precision. Enjoy less friction!


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